We are always looking to visit sustainable farms and meet the people who are farming with a conscious. There is nothing like knowing the faces and having a peek into the heart and soul of the people who raise and grow the food on your table. Here are a few we've recently had the pleasure visit. We'll continue to add farms, so keep checking back. If you'd like to take a drive to meet some good people, check our Farms link on the Resources page to find farms near you.


Mike and Molly Peterson are the ecologically minded stewards of approximately 600 acres of utilized pasture, rolling hills, orchards, forests and meadows that is Heritage Hollow Farms. Here they raise 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef & Lamb and Pastured Pork. Farming is done without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics, chemicals, hormones, or pesticides. Heritage Hollow pigs live on pasture, orchards, wooded lots and are supplemented with a locally milled, non-GMO, soy-free feed.

All Heritage Hollow Farms products are processed in an Animal Welfare Approved, USDA-certified inspected facility. Their products are individually packaged and flash frozen. Bulk orders and whole animals are also available. Please take a look at this beautiful video about Heritage Hollows Farms

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Smith Meadows, strives to create a healthy farm environment, thereby producing healthy and contented animals. Their grass-fed animals on raised on regularly rotated fresh paddocks and pastures that have not been chemically fertilized or treated with pesticides and herbicides. "The result is a beautiful, healthy farm environment where all the animals are able to flourish, naturally." - Forest Pritchard. Grass-fed animals produce naturally leaner meats with the added benefits of beta-carotene, Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA. The anti-oxidant Vitamin E, which is derived from fresh pasture, is a bonus for our customers.

Smith Meadows raises cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and chickens. All of their animals are handled humanely from the day they are born. They are never fed animal by-products, given growth hormones or antibiotics.

The farm is a family friendly environment where you are welcome to roam the fields and see the animals up close. When planning a visit, please confirm when, by calling so that a staff person or a family-member will be available to assist you at the farm.

Wicked Oak Farms and Vineyard

This picturesque farm in Star Tannery, VA raises pastured boiler chickens (roasting chickens), laying chickens, pigs and cattle. Wicked Oak is a wonderful getaway destination complete with vineyard and tasting room, cozy mountainside guest accommodations and regular events on the weekends that usually includes live local music, good food and wine, and friendly people. 


This historic working farm in Paris, Virginia sells fresh seasonal vegetables, including the heirloom tomatoes that taste like heaven. They offer fresh and dried herbs, honey and honey bee products, gorgeous eggs in the most beautiful hues (chicken, duck, turkey and emu), as well as hand-made soaps and alpaca, llama and sheep's wool. This farm is also a beautiful refuge for some very endearing rescued farm animals.