A Plant-Based Diet

A plant based diet is a wonderful and easy way to reduce your environmental footprint while also improving your health and saving money. By removing meat, eggs and dairy from your diet you are drastically reducing the amount of resources your lifestyle requires while simultaneously saying no to many horrible animal cruelty practices that can and do occur in the agricultural industry. Additionally, there is significant research that concludes a plant based diet not only helps prevent illness and disease, but can also reduce or even cure symptoms that might already be present. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should incorporate more plant based food into your diet!

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The Earth

Animal agriculture is the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, because of the amount of water and feed required to raise livestock as well as many other factors. By replacing the meat on your plate with a plant based alternative, such as beans, legumes, tofu, seitan and others, you can cut your carbon footprint in half! Additionally, buying fruits and vegetables that are in season and grown locally reduces the amount of energy needed to harvest that produce. These are just a few of the ways eating a plant based diet can help the environment. Water pollution, deforestation and desertification are other negative impacts caused by animal agriculture. Every time you choose to eat a plant based meal instead of a meal with animal products, you are reducing your environmental impact on the planet.

Your Body

Because a plant based diet is inherently cholesterol free, it is a super easy way to combat many health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, and more, but not only are you eliminating many factors that can cause illness in the first place, you are actually actively healing your body. Overtime, a plant based diet can repair cell damage and help to reverse some symptoms of poor health caused by animal products. The China Study, the most comprehensive nutritional research project ever completed, showed overwhelming evidence that people eating more plant based foods had less cancer, alzheimer's, heart disease and other “diseases of affluence.”  Reducing your intake of animal products is an easy and effective way to help yourself feel your best!

The Animals

When you eat a plant based diet, your eliminating the cruelty that is inherent to a diet with animal products. It’s no secret that factory farming is a hideous practice where animals are kept in inhumane conditions, sickly and dying before they are slaughtered, but this isn’t the only way animals are affected by our dietary choices. Animal agriculture is also one of the primary causes of species extinction, due to the loss of habitat caused by the need for more space to raise livestock. Forests are clear cut and water sources are polluted in order to keep the animal agriculture industry moving. While there are plenty of sustainable and humane agricultural practices that can be implemented, it’s not always easy to tell where your animal products come from, and how they were farmed. Choosing to eat plant based is a great way to ensure that you are not part taking in these cruel and harmful practices

Your Wallet

Eating a more plant based diet is a great way to save some money on groceries. Meat products such as ground beef and chicken breast can cost twice as much, if not more, per pound than plant based proteins like beans and lentils. Removing the need for things like eggs and cheese can save you tons of money each time you take a trip to the store, and many dairy free milk alternatives are now comparably priced to their dairy counterparts! Since many plant based staples have a long shelf life, you can also buy in bulk and save money with items like beans, frozen fruit, frozen veggies, textured vegetable protein, nuts, grains and more! With a plant based diet, it is also much easier to avoid processed, packaged foods that can really add up quickly in price. Swapping out a few animal based items on your grocery list for plant based options is a great way to add some health to your life and save money at the same time!




“The China Study” By Colin T. Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II